About York, PA Families

York, Pa Families is 1 mommy with 4 children, ages 3-12 years trying to find fun, family-friendly things to do in York.  My goal is to discover low-cost or free events in the area that cater to families with all ages.  I don't like towing 4 kids far when I can find plenty to do nearby and I want to share what I find with my readers!       

If you know of any great local events or businesses that are family-friendly that you want to share please feel free contact me.  We love checking out new places and would love to discuss your favorite activities!  If you have any good photos that I could use to accompany my posts please feel free to email them to me.  Things are more fun with pictures. :)   

If you have any questions or comments you may email me at yorkpafamilies@gmail.com.  Please use the subject line "York PA Families".  York, PA Families can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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