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If you're in York, PA, have kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, friends with kids and you're searching for fun activities for the whole family then you've found the right place.  With little exception, the events and activities shared on this blog will occur in York County and be affordable or free.  With no exception, it will all be family-friendly! 

You may be looking for something more specific and York, PA Families can be of assistance there as well.  Sometimes I forget to add those the tags to help with navigating the blog but I'll try my best to make sure the most important tags in every post are included to make what you are searching for easy to find.
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York, Pa Grown-ups: Okay, I lied- there is ONE section for the big kids.  Anytime I see an activity for adults in York that looks fun I will share the direct link to their websites.  No posts though; we're still keeping that family-friendly. 
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Oh, and don't forget to let me know how you feel about what's being shared.  In each post you can let me know if love it, hated it or if you plan to go, just by clicking in any of the boxes.

I hope you enjoy your visit to York, PA Families and I hope you'll share this valuable resource with anyone you know who wants to have affordable family fun in York, PA!

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