Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brown's Orchard Cooking Demo for Kids


Friday 7/23/10 at 10am at Brown's South, Loganville in the Brown Bean Cafe is offering  a Kid’s Class :  Make Your Own Pizza (ages 5-12)

Limited space so please pre-register by calling 717-428-2036.

Cost is $15.  The class will last until approximately 11:15am.

Kids pick their own toppings and make a savory pizza and a dessert pizza (to eat or take home). They will be making the pizza dough and learning about yeast. Steps to make any kind of pizza and recipes are included.

$15 for a lifetime of knowledge (and the ability to make pizza on pizza night instead of ordering potentially poor quality pizza!) is a pretty good deal!  Limited space- they are only accepting 10 children.  Hopefully if it's successful they will have more of these in the future. 

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  1. My daughter is signed up for the class tomorrow. She is 5 and very excited to make her own pizzas!! I'm going to see if any photos are allowed during the demo and if she doesn't eat all of the pizza before they're done I'll definitely get pictures after!