Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Children's Museum in York's Future?

I always write about fun and affordable activities for families in York.  You will rarely see an activity or event outside of York County.  Why?  Because I believe that families shouldn't have to drive far away for a fun day.  I believe that they can save money by staying local.  Lastly, I think that supporting MY community is important for me, for my children and for York's future!  It's downright painful to think about going to Harrisburg, paying for gas, parking and then spending around $20 PER PERSON on a museum (there are 6 people in my family!).  Or spending tons of time and gas money driving to DC for their free museums. 

It would be absolutely wonderful to wake up, get the kids ready and drive FIVE minutes to the Children's Museum of York!  And guess what?  It's in our future!         

Help make York, PA a better place for our kids. Support projects like this that keep the money at home.
You can check out more information and ways to support this project:
Children's Museum of York Homepage
YorIT Challenge. Children's Museum of York has a submission in the YorIT challenge to get up to $20,000 for their project.
LIKE Children's Museum of York on Facebook

This is Children's Museum of York's video submission for the YorkIT project.

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