Monday, July 4, 2011

Get Outdoors (GO) York: Passport to Adventure

Get Outdoors (GO) York has partnered with York County Libraries and others for a summer program called the Passport to Adventure that encourages reading and physical activity. 

From June 1, 2011 until September 5, 2011 families with children of every age (birth to 18 years) can participate in two different events: the reading program, One World, Many Stories and the physical Go Explore Your World, with opportunities to win prizes along the way. 

For this adventurous Summer activity your child(ren) will obtain a passport from your local York County library with everything you need to get started.  In your passport you will find directions to every "country" (park) with hints to get to the location and country facts, registration prizes, dates for upcoming events both related to the Passport to Adventure program and for other York County Park and Library programs, info on letterboxing, reading suggestions and much more.  With every checkpoint (see the passport for details on the amount of checkpoints for each entry) your children can increase their chance to win a grand prize, for up to 5 chances.   
For the reading portion of the program you can log your minutes at any York County Library location or on the website.  Children can earn more prizes from this, plus entries for even more prizes! 

In addition to this fun event you can get great recipes from the Get Outdoors York website, based on the countries your family will be exploring through the program including Ratatouille (France) and Buttermilk Soup with Apples (Belgium).  Yum!       

If you haven't already begun, Get Outdoors York!! 

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