Monday, March 18, 2013

Dover Township Easter Egg Hunt

Lehr Park on Davidsburg Road is having an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, March 23, 2013 for ages 0-9 beginning at 10am.  Participants must bring a basket to collect Easter eggs. 
Start times and locations are as follows:
Ages 0-2 at 10:00am on field 1
Ages 3-4 at 10:05am on field 2
Ages 5-6 at 10:10am on field 3
Ages 7-9 at 10:15am on field 4

If your child finds the golden Easter egg they can recieve their prize at the pavillion.  Eggs are recycled after the egg hunt and can be returned to a staff member or placed in an available bin at the park.  Refreshments will be available at the pavillion.  In the event of bad weather the Easter egg hunt will take place in the community building at Lehr Park. 

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