Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone!  I hope this year brings you everything you hope for!  It's time to talk resolutions.  Some are dreadful or downright impossible but if you can't think of any resolutions I'm here to help.  Here are a few suggestions for your whole family:

-Visit Central Market weekly to support local business.  Try a new food or a new recipe from many of the Market's vendors.  Take a walk around the neighborhood to find many amazing shops.
-Visit a new park in York every month, like Springettsbury Park, Rocky Ridge, Sam Lewis or Pinchot.  Play on the playgrounds, take a hike, rent a boat or do it all!
-Take a local factory tour.  Sample local products and learn how things are made now and how they were made 100 years ago.
-Attend a local theater production.  There are many family-friendly shows and if you go to Dream Wrights or York Little Theatre they are very affordable. 
-Sign up for a family run or triathalon in York.  There are a few events throughout the year.
-Join a family gym.  Thunderfitness and the York JCC are two options.
-Buy local once per month.  Memberships to local museums as a gift for a family that has run out of room, a stylish new outfit for mom that lets her stand out and show her individuality, a unique gift for a friend at one of York's specialty shops are a few ideas.
-Spend less, but do more family activities.  You can find a few low-cost or completely free activities here on the blog and you never have to drive far to find family fun.  As a family of 6 on a tight budget, we can't go to amusement parks or spend hundreds for an overnight stay at a hotel so we hunt for local activities that are fun but won't put a dent in our budget and love sharing these finds with readers. 

Does anyone have any resolutions for this year?   

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