Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 Dallastown Carnival

The 2011 Dallastown Carnival at the Dallastown Community Park will be held from Tuesday August 16, 2011 until Saturday August 20, 2011.  This event offers free admission, free parking and free entertainment.  
The schedule is as follows:
Tuesday 8/16 from 6-10pm.  Musical entertainment by Long Ryde (bluegrass).
Wednesay 8/17 from 6-10pm.  Musical entertainment by Mark DeRose & The Way Home  (Acoustic Rock).
Thursday 8/18 from 6-10pm.  Musical entertainment by Revolve (Beetles Cover Band).
Friday 8/19 from 5-11pm.  Musical entertainment by Full Tilt (motown).
Saturday 8/20 from 5-11pm.  Musical entertainment by Jay Jackson Show (country).

Raffle tickets are on sale now and sales will continue throughout the carnival to win a TV, laptop, XBox Kinect, Ipod and E-reader. 


  1. Visited the Dallastown Carnival tonight after hearing good comments about last year's carnival. Once the showers passed through, the food vendors opened up, the rides started up, and the band set up and got ready to rock. Good clean fun, a little something for everyone, and got to hear a great band (Full Tilt) without having to sit in a crowded club or casino.

  2. That's awesome! I'm glad it's a fun time. We've never been around during the carnival but have heard many positive things about the event. Definitely keeping it on the list for next year!